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Latest projects
  • Metrology software for in-plane characterization of MEMS, C. Yamahata, E. Sarajlic, M. Stranczl, G.J.M. Krijnen, M.A.M. Gijs
  • GyroTracker: Chronocomparateur pour montres mécaniques à balancier-spiral, C. Yamahata, C.-R. Ciressan, S. Richert, O. Siala
  • Visualization of Nutrient Pollution in US using Voronoi Tessellation, C. Yamahata

  • Former projects
  • Integration of Nano Grippers and Microactuators with Ultimate Accuracy towards Direct DNA Manipulation and Characterization , C. Yamahata, D. Collard, H. Fujita [former project]
  • A microfluidic circuit combined with silicon nanotweezers for biomolecular manipulation , M. Kumemura, C. Yamahata, D. Collard, H. Fujita [former project]
  • Development of a Magnetic Micropump, C. Yamahata, M.A.M. Gijs [former project]
  • Handling of living cells with a nozzle-diffuser micropump , C. Yamahata, C. Vandevyver, F. Lacharme, P. Izewska, M.A.M. Gijs [former project]
  • Electromagnetically actuated valveless micropump, C. Yamahata, F. Lacharme, M. A. M. Gijs [former project]
  • HAREM: High Aspect Ratio Etching and Metallization , E. Sarajlic, C. Yamahata, M. Cordero, D. Collard, H. Fujita [former project]
  • Microfluidic Chip Including a Nanochannel for Resistive-Pulse Detection , M. Benabderrazik, C. Yamahata, M. Kumemura, H. Fujita [former project]
  • Electromagnetically actuated ball valve micropumps , C. Yamahata, F. Lacharme, J. Matter, S. Schnydrig, Y. Burri, M. A. M. Gijs [former project]
  • 3-Phase Electrostatic Stepper Micromotors, E. Sarajlic, C. Yamahata, M. Cordero, H. Fujita [former project]
  • Silicon Microtweezers for Biophysical Instrumentation at the Molecular Scale, C. Yamahata, D. Collard, H. Fujita, M.A.M. Gijs, [former project]
  • Study of the mechanical behaviour of linear guidings based on the superelastic properties of Shape Memory Alloys, C. Yamahata, Y. Bellouard, R. Clavel [former project]
  • Mechanotransduction assays on mesenchymal stem cells with a silicon microsystem, C. Yamahata, T. Hausherr, D. Joss, D. Pioletti, M.A.M. Gijs, H. Majd [former project]
  • Frictionless electrostatic rotary stepper micromotor for microrobotic applications , Marc Stranczl, Martin A. M. Gijs, Christophe Yamahata [former project]
  • Development of a technical method for performing cell culture on a bio-MEMS , A. Müller, D. Joss, H. Majd, M.A.M. Gijs, C. Yamahata [former project]
  • Protein micropatterning on a bio-MEMS using microcontact printing technology, C. Scherz, E. Lançon, D. Joss, H. Majd, M.A.M. Gijs, C. Yamahata [former project]