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Visualization of Nutrient Pollution in US using Voronoi Tessellation

C. Yamahata

Keywords: Data visualization, D3.js, JavaScript, #NutrientsViz, Nitrate, Inorganic Nitrogen

Screenshot: New York state (June 2015)

Design of an interactive map that is built in real time using data downloaded from (WQP)

Several open source JavaScript Libraries intervene in that process. In particular, I used d3.js, a powerful library that is perfectly suited for combining visualization components and data-driven approach. Voronoi diagrams are part of that library. To handle the text files, alasql.js
("√† la" SQL) provides a very convenient way to sort and perform queries on large data files using the Structured Query Language (SQL).        ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

> See my webpage dedicated to that project.

People from Landscape Metrics were the 2015 #NutrientsViz Challenge winners.
> See their work.

Last modified: August 14th, 2015